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Sterling Federal Credit Union
Address: P. O. Box 1086
822 W. Main St.
Sterling, CO 80751
Phone: 970-522-0111
Fax: 970-522-2614
Telephone Teller: 800-391-8978
E-Mail: service@sterlingcreditunion.org
Website: www.sterlingcreditunion.org
Fort Morgan Federal Credit Union
A branch of Sterling Federal Credit Union
Address: 709 E. Railroad Ave.
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
Phone: 970-867-3383
Fax: 970-867-3390
Telephone Teller: 800-391-8978
E-Mail: service@fortmorgancreditunion.org
Website: www.fortmorgancreditunion.org
After Hours Lost/Stolen:
VISA Credit Card:

Within the U.S.: 800-991-4961
Outside the U.S.: (collect) 410-581-9994
Legitimate Monitoring Service # 800-437-9392

VISA Debit/Check Card: Within the U.S.: 800-472-3272
Outside the U.S.: (collect) 973-682-2652