Skip a Pay Now Available!

Relax during the holiday season!
Put Extra Jingle in your Pocket!
With Skip a Pay
You can skip
November, December or
January loan payment (s).
Only $25 per loan.
Click here to Skip!

A portion of Skip a Pay fees are donated to the Sterling Miracle Letter Program and the Fort Morgan Police Department’s Blue Santas!
Agriculture, Business, Commercial, Mortgage, Overdraft Loans, and Loans with an interest rate of 16% are excluded from this offer. All loans must be current to qualify. There may be some circumstances that may prevent approval of this offer. Interest will continue to accumulate on your loan during the month you skip your payment. Your regular monthly payment will resume in the month following the month your payment is skipped. The original maturity date of your loan may be extended. The processing fee of $25 per loan will be deducted from your share/savings or checking account.