ATM Locations

ATM cards allow members to access their accounts at ATMS displaying the TransFund Logo.

  • Get Cash – Up to $500 per day
  • Make Transfers
  • Obtain balance information

Apply for a card in the office or by calling 970-522-0111.

There is no annual fee for this convenience. There is a $1.00 foreign transaction fee for using ATM’s not owned by the credit union plus applicable surcharges.

Credit union owned ATM’s are located at the credit union office in Sterling at 822 W. Main St and in Fort Morgan at 709 E. Railroad Ave. Members can use these ATM’s without paying transaction fees or surcharges.

Money Pass is your pass to Surcharge & Transaction Fee Free ATMS for your Credit Union Debit Card & ATM Card!

Finding a MoneyPass ATM couldn’t be easier, with the MoneyPass ATM Locator app!

With two convenient search options, you can find a MoneyPass ATM by entering a zip code or using your current location.

Click the link on the MoneyPass home page or visit the Google Play store (for Android devices) the Apple App store (for Apple devices). There you can search for MoneyPass and install the application on phone at no charge.

Money Pass gives you a No Fee Solution to using an ATM!

MoneyPass surcharge-free ATMs are only found within the United States
and Puerto Rico.